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About Us

One Accounting is an online accounting tutorial academy. One Accounting aims to assist accounting students to enhance their understanding of accounting by providing an online accounting discussion forum and tutorial classes. One Accounting is an initiative of concerned accounting tutors. These tutors have a passion for accounting and education, and have set aside their time to assist students improve their understanding of accounting.


Vision: One Accounting seeks to create a society in which people are financially independent.


Mission: One Accounting aims to increase the number of financially literate people in society.


Discussion Forum


The One Accounting discussion forum is called One Chat. One Chat is an open discussion forum for all accounting students, tutors and lecturer’s to interact on the various topics in accounting. Tutors, lecturers and academics from all institutions are invited and encouraged to join One Chat and help students pass the accounting subject. See the Services section for more details.


Tutorial Classes


One Accounting provides tutorial classes to students who need more attention on the subject.  The tutorials comprise of private and group classes. The tutorial classes are tailored to the needs of the students. See the Service section for more details.


One Team 


One Team is a group of young accounting and finance professionals who have dedicated their time to assist students on One Chat. These professionals have vast accounting knowledge and experience. Their education background includes being accounting lectures and tutors in UNISA, WITS, UJ and Varsity College.  


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